Tuesday, November 17, 2015

They Still Got EAT! : 36 Years of Noontime Dominance!

        What comes to your mind when I ask you to pick something that best represent us as Filipinos? Maybe some of you would suggest Adobo (preferably Chicken Adobo because that’s more delicious), Balut, Fiesta (tons of them), the great and to-die-for beaches (Hello Palawan! Hello Boracay!), or even the sweet smile while others might say that it’s our great hospitality and care for other people that even foreign visitors recognize repeatedly. If these are your answers, you’re definitely right but... through the years we enjoy one thing that makes us different from our neighbor countries, one thing that we can’t surely live without especially during lunch time. EAT BULAGA! A one-of-a-kind-show that brings laughter to our faces and makes every lunch time a worthwhile family moment.

        I’m just 23 years old and through my whole existence, I saw the evolution of Eat Bulaga from having a different stage set-up every week (which usually took place every Saturday if my memory serves me right) up to the much talked about Kalyeserye. Eat Bulaga has indeed captured the hearts of Filipinos from different generations – our Grandparents,  Parents, to Us (my generation) and now even my 1 year old nephew enjoys dancing everytime Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola) comes out of her car to the tune of the song Dessert. Can you believe that? There’s no Television show in the Philippines that can beat or even match what Eat Bulaga has done to its loyal viewers around the world.
          Some might ask, what is it that makes Eat Bulaga a success? Is it because of the powerful trio- Tito, Vic and Joey? The prices they give every day? The hosts’ wit and spot on antics?
       As I enjoy watching Eat Bulaga every noon, I realized that the secret to their longevity and staying power is their undeniable love and sincerity to their viewers. The laughter, the games, the hosts deep connection within themselves shows that Eat Bulaga is not just a show for business but a show that act as our extended family in a small boob tube. Eat Bulaga is part of the Filipino Family.
There are a lot of Noontime Variety shows that tried to dethrone Bulaga’s dominance. Some of them really gave Eat Bulaga a run for its money just like the controversial Wowowee. Competition is healthy and Bulaga knows that and they fairly played the game. They kept on doing the things that their loyal viewers enjoy and they stayed focused on the main reason why the show is created and that’s to serve the Filipinos with quality noontime entertainment.
If you’re curious on what sets Eat Bulaga apart from its rival shows, it is their unparalleled and courageous dedication in promoting equality and relatable content.
           They offered shows that others never have shown us before just like Super Sireyna, Maid in the Philippines, and a whole lot more that the public embraced and accepted that paved the way in a societal change. They gave a platform to the sectors that our country usually forgets to recognize just like the Gay community and our house helps.
             Eat Bulaga is an institution and their 36 years in the industry is no joke. Nowadays, because of the competition between Networks, shows are easily axed and barely had a mark on the viewers. We dictate on what’s good, on what is worthy of our viewing time and on what is rubbish. It’s a tough business but Eat Bulaga managed to keep our attention and to keep us entertained in this fast changing entertainment industry. They mastered the art of following what’s hot, what people wants to see and on how to make a massive hit. They successfully created innovations within their show without losing the brand that Eat Bulaga had set from the very beginning.  

            In 2012, another historical Television moment was made when an Indonesian Network bought the franchise of Eat Bulaga making them the first and only Philippine Variety show to franchise a program abroad. Who can even top that achievement?
        ALDUB YOU! Ma-ALDEN kita! Sounds familiar? Of course you know these terms. Kalyeserye Phenomenon is probably the biggest surprise Eat Bulaga has given us this year and the massive support from ALDUBNATION makes the show the most watched program on Philippine Television today. Alden and Maine is undoubtedly God’s given gift to the show where record-breaking tweets were generated. I must admit, I’m a huge fan of Aldub and I saw how their story started, blossomed and now being celebrated by the public. They are the newest kilig couple set in noontime.

             Eat Bulaga went through ups and downs, even changed a lot of hosts through the years, but they have shown us their incredible commitment in Entertaining Filipinos here and abroad. Tito Sotto once said a beautiful quote in Eat Bulaga that really stayed on my mind; he said “Eat Bulaga is a public service program masquerading as a noontime variety show.” He’s right and that’s what makes Eat Bulaga a show like no other.
                I’m not a part of the show but I feel like a part of their success. I don’t know why but maybe that’s the magic of the show. They made you feel like a part of them, that you’re one of them. Congratulations Eat Bulaga for the successful, fruitful and fun-filled 36 years on Television and hoping for another 36 years of dominance Dabarkads!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


            Good day everybody! How are you doing? I’m James by the way – a proud Filipino. Welcome to my site and you are very lucky because you are reading my very first blog post! Haha! To tell you honestly, I’m quite nervous and unsure about building my own blog. Maybe this is just normal because we all have this kind of emotional rollercoaster when we do something for the first time, right? I know you feel me on this.
Anyways, this blog is created to fulfill a lifelong dream, a dream that I had no opportunity to tell anybody for I was shy and scared to be fun of or turned down.  I’ve always wanted to have a platform where I can communicate with others and touch their lives, to impart knowledge, share a part of me and show that all of us can make a change. I know that some of you might think that I’m too ambitious or superficial but I do believe in the power of communication. I believe that someone out there through the use of this blog can change some of my perspective or can help me understand a lot of things in this world in the same way I can do for you by joining me in this journey.
While writing this blog post, the nervousness and skepticism in me suddenly disappeared and the rush of excitement entered my system as if I drank a lot of energy drink. I’m starting to see the future of this blog and what can it do for me and you. Help me make this blog a celebration of ideas and a new platform of worthwhile connection with others.
  This blog is dedicated to all Filipinos around the world who wants to have a place where they can talk about anything and everything Filipino. Of course, foreign visitors can also enjoy this blog for it gives them a glimpse of what the Philippines is all about and what’s going on to our beloved nation.
This blog won’t just focus on our Country’s pride but also on everything that concerns us like Politics, Economy, Entertainment, Commentary and Pop Culture. Come and join me as we talk about the best things and the-not-so-good-things that describe us as Filipinos. Maraming Salamat po at Mabuhay!